Online colour verification for processed materials


Clarion is an online inspection solution that verifies colour in continuously processed materials such as paper, cardboard or textiles

During the manufacture of many processed materials, a consistent and precise colour is often a strict requirement. Most solutions on the market verify samples offline at intervals throughout production. However, this can result in both a significant loss in yield if defective samples are found, and also presents a risk of defective products between samples.

Spookfish has developed an online colour inspection solution that offers continuous colour verification during production. This not only increases the sample rate of colour verification by over 50,000 times, but also maintains a high level of accuracy when compared with the controlled offline systems.

The system alerts the operator as soon as an issue is detected so that corrective action can be taken immediately, resulting in both less downtime and overall defective output.

Clarion can also integrate with existing systems in order to automate the production workflow. For example, in production of paper, coating control parameters can be automatically adjusted according to the colour detected, without input from the operator. As well as increasing the efficiency of the overall process, this also reduces the chances of human error.


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High speed and high precision

Continuous and robust operation

Integration onto existing lines

Real-time/Archived statistics

Trend charts and predictive analysis

Technical specs

Colour verified 15 times per second

Colour verified up to difference of 0.07 ΔE (10+ times that of the human eye)

Production speeds of up to 6 m/s

Compatible with a range of processed materials including paperboard, cardboard, and textiles

Intuitive touchscreen HMI display


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